500 DataBeyond 6th Generation Optical Sorters orders were signed,on the day of the release


On January 17, 2024, "GIVE ME FIV5! Endless Drive, Boundless Quest" DataBeyond 5th Anniversary Celebration and 2024 New Product Launch Event was grandly held, more than 300 industry guests witnessed this important moment together.


Innovative self-developed, shining release

DataBeyond 6th Generation Optical Sorter has gained immediate popularity in the market upon its release. At the new product launch event, DataBeyond Technology signed orders for 400 Optical Sorters with several companies, and as of the time of publication, a total of 500 optical sorters orders were signed.



DataBeyond 6th Generation Optical Sorter

Among them, Jilin Liyang Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Junyu Machinery Co., Ltd., Bozhou Zhongqiao Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. has signed an order for 200 optical sorters with DataBeyond Technology.



Shenyang Jinchuang PET Trading Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongzaixin PET Trading Co., Ltd., Dongbei Zhulin have signed an order for 200 optical sorters with DataBeyond Technology.



DataBeyond Technology innovates in equipment performance by integrating AI, optoelectronics, and other technological fields. This includes the construction of a multilabel,mutil solid waste database and the independent development of deep algorithms, achieving superior sorting performance. In terms ofcost-effectiveness, one breakthrough from DataBeyond Technology is the self-developed high-spectral camera, introducing hyperspectral technology originally used in research, aerospace, and otherfields into waste sorting scenarios. This not only achieves domestic substitution but also significantly reduces costs.



In 2023, DataBeyond Technology launched brand new 6th Generation AI-based Optical Sorter, with PET feed rate exceeding 10 tons/hour and accuracy rate of up to 99.6%. The high-speed belt conveyor operates at a speed of up to 4.2m/s and also adds a belt anti deviation function. At the same time, a more powerful AI hyperspectral optical sorter has been launched, which can detect 256 sets of object spectra and accurately remove more than 260 materials such as PC, PVC, PP, PE, PO, PETG, composite materials, etc., ensuring the purity of the finished product.



DataBeyond Technology solemnly promises to the entire industry that all the DataBeyond Optical Sorters sold by agents are installed, debugged, and trained by the original factory of DataBeyond Technology. Customers can purchase with confidence through agents.


Speech by Monica Mo, Founder and CEO of DataBeyond Technology

Founder and CEO of DataBeyond Technology, Monica Mo, would like to express gratitude to customers and friends who have always chosen DataBeyond, to our supply chain partners who have weathered storms together, to our colleagues who have fought side by side, and to our family and loved ones who have silently supported us behind the scenes. No matter how the external environment changes, we firmly believe that automation, intelligence, digitization, and standardization are the most determined development trends in the recycling industry. We need to maintain strategic composure, fully leverage our advantages in technological innovation, and work together with partners in the upstream and downstream industrial chains to accelerate the arrival of the intelligent era in the global renewable resource recycling industry.


The guest speakers, from left to right, are: China Development and Reform Commission Former Director and China Strategic Emerging Industries Inter ministerial liaison advisor, Zuiliang Ma; Partner at Sequoia Capital,Fuxin; China Synthetic Resin Association Plastic Recycling Branch Founder/Executive Vice President ,Wang Wang ; Quzhou Tongheng Recycling Technology Development Co., Ltd General Manager, Ruifeng Wang; Malaysia GlobalCycle General Manager, Tom Lim.



About DataBeyond 

DataBeyond Technology, founded in 2018,is a high-tech company specializing in AI and optoelectronic integration-based intelligent sorting equipment. The company's products are primarily used in a wide range of waste sorting applications, including MRF (Material Recovery Facilities), MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue), C&I (Commercial and Industrial Waste), C&D (Construction and Demolition Waste), WRS (Waste Paper Recycling System), and TRS (Textile Recycling System). DataBeyond Technology's solutions enable the precise sorting of waste materials, ultimately creating added value from waste resources.


After many years of development, DataBeyond Technology has now become a leader in China's intelligent waste sorting equipment industry. With outstanding product performance and a strong reputation among users, DataBeyond's intelligent sorting equipment boasts a commanding domestic market share and is also exported to various overseas regions, including Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Europe, and the United States, etc.