Al-Color-Material-Flou 4D optical Sorter 「Laser Line Scanning Camera」 Combined With 「Hyperspectral camera」And 「Fluorescent Sensor」

Product Features
Applied in the final process of whole-bottle sorting to improve product quality, detect that "cannot be identified by the human eye" and separate miscellaneous materials.
Users can set miscellaneous materials by themselves, such as faintly fluorescent bottles, fluorescent bottles , oil bottles, aged bottles, trays, bottles of different material & various colors, soiled bottles, self-adhesive label bottles,bottles with label residue, etc.
Achieve "machine replacing human" in the quality inspection process, reducing labor costs.
Guard the final process of whole- bottle sorting,to establish "Dark Factory."
Product Specification
Model 106 146 208 288
Working Width 1000mm 1400mm 2000mm 2800mm
Power 7.5kw 10kw 14kw 15kw
Weight 1600kg 2800kg 4600kg 5000kg
Sorting Accuracy 99.6%
Operating Voltage Configurable to meet varying electrical requirements in different countries

*The above data is for reference only; please refer to the actual equipment for accuracy. Sorting accuracy may vary due to differences in incoming materials.

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