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On-site Service

Field On-site Service

When your equipment requires on-site maintenance or debugging, our engineers can respond quickly. We will arrive on-site at the agreed time and location and strictly comply with local regulations and safety requirements for maintenance or debugging work.

Preventive Maintenance

We will customize a flexible preventive maintenance plan according to your equipment operating conditions and special requirements. Our engineers will provide professional and timely preventive maintenance services at your door according to the agreed time, including on-site inspection, replacement of customized components, etc., to ensure that the equipment runs more reliably and with higher performance.

Remote Service

Remote Service

Our customer service engineers provide you with support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and respond quickly to your service needs. When your system encounters unexpected or emergency situations, our technical service engineers will connect you with real-time video and provide 1-to-1 service.

System maintenance and upgrade

We provide regular system maintenance and upgrades for your system to fix system problems or make other improvements to the system to improve the effect of equipment sorting.


What is the accuracy of equipment identification?

Under normal circumstances, it can reach more than 95%, depending on the actual situation on site.

Can the intelligent sorting equipment sort everything?

Our equipment is sorting equipment based on artificial intelligence. It has advanced deep learning algorithms, complete cloud annotation, training and reasoning software, and powerful transfer learnin...

Is the equipment operation complicated?

The operation is simple and convenient, and the procedures are all set, and no professional and technical personnel are required.

What is the timeliness of your technical service in case of equipment failure?

After receiving the customer's notification, if there is a small problem, it will be dealt with immediately through remote technical support (telephone, video, etc.),if the big problem needs to be...

How long is the shelf life of the equipment?

The warranty period of our equipment is 12 months.

The on-site processing volume is very large, and the garbage is poured directly up. Can your robot handle it in time?

The robot is not used alone and directly. In general, the front-end needs to have pre-processing equipment, such as disc screens, drum screens and other pre-processing equipment, which need to dispers...


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