Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Databeyond's Mission

The vision and mission of Databeyond is to recreate the value of resources.
We insist on using the power of technology to explore and promote the circular economy model, improve resource utilization efficiency, and contribute to the sustainable development of humanity.
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Development Of Green Technology


We donated "smart sorting bins" to the schools, helping students to understand how technology can change the way of disposing of garbage. We also conducted more than 10 public lectures to actively promote the importance of waste sorting to the whole society.


We are now able to provide targeted smart sorting equipments and solutions for various application scenarios such as recyclied plastics, waste paper,sing-waste stream, mixed municipal solid waste, construction and demolished waste, medical recyclable waste, kitchen waste, food waste, farmer's market waste, industrial waste, and radioactive waste.


We have provided services to over 100 waste treatment plants, turning waste into treasure.


The equipment in operation has processed more than 60 million tons of various types of waste, achieving a resource recycling of over 18 million tons.

Development Of Green Technology

Practicing Sustainable Development Principles

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Faced with the daily generation of solid waste, Databeyond collaborates with upstream and downstream ecological partners to accelerate the deployment of intelligent sorting equipment globally through continuous technological advancement. This improves the efficiency of resource recycling and achieves "resourceization, reduction, and harmlessness" of waste, reducing direct incineration or landfilling of solid waste and thus reducing carbon emissions.

Promoting a Circular Economy

Using AI-based optical recycling and sorting equipment, Databeyond focuses on the entire lifecycle of waste, from the moment it is generated in households, to its processing at waste treatment plants, to its recycling into new products and ultimately back into the hands of consumers. This approach ensures that waste is accurately sorted and recycled, promoting the circular use of resources.

Promoting a Circular Economy
Renewable Resource Operation Ecology

Renewable Resource Operation Ecology

Hundreds of successful automated sorting cases of renewable resources have helped us accumulate rich experience. All our actions follow the company's mission and vision - to lead the inclusive application of global high-end intelligent sorting technology, so that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises can "afford and use well" high-end intelligent sorting equipment.

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